Hatsan MOD 87 Vortex Quiet Energy Air Rifle with Scope


The Hatsan MOD 87 Vortex Quite Energy air rifle is sure to please any Air Gun shooter. Vortex technology produces a smoother, quieter and more accurate rifle. It is lightweight and easy to handle. The ambidextrous stock is comfortable for shooters of all sizes. The advanced polymer stock with the an elevation adjustable come ensures your sight picture is clear with the TruGlo adjustable sights or the included 3-9x32mm Optima scope. Pick up a pack of pellets and this air gun is ready to shoot targets or small game.


  • Advanced polymer stock with an elevation adjustable comb
  • Ambidextrous and ergonomic design
  • Precision rifled steel barrel built to last
  • Quiet Energy (QE) sound suppression technology
  • Quattro two stage adjustable trigger
  • Vortex Gas Piston Technology