Daisy® Red Ryder® Adult BB Gun


• Fully functional, adult-sized, lever-cocking masterpiece
• Beautifully stained, solid-wood stock and forearm
• 177-cal. air rifle holds up to 650 BBs
• Maximum velocity of 350 fps
• Steel smooth-bore barrel

The Red Ryder® is an institution, a rite of passage, and an American classic, something many of us enjoyed during our youth. Now, thanks to Daisy®, you can return to your childhood with the Red Ryder Adult BB Gun. Try out this fully functional, adult-sized, lever-cocking masterpiece again. It’s decked out with a beautifully stained, solid-wood stock and forearm. This .177-cal. air rifle holds up to 650 BBs and shoots them at a maximum velocity of 350 fps. For shooting accuracy, the steel smooth-bore barrel has a blade-and-ramp front sight paired up with an adjustable rear sight. The safety is a cross-bolt trigger block. With the Red Ryder Adult BB Gun from Daisy, you can feel like a kid again.