45 ACP – 185 gr JHP – PMC (45B) – 1000 Rounds


If you depend on your .45 ACP for self-defense, you need to know that it will work, and work effectively, each time you pull the trigger. PMC offers an ammunition choice that rises to the occasion: the affordable and effective 45 ACP 185-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) round.

PMC was established in 1968 to supply the South Korean military. They now offer a wide range of commercial civilian lines, each built to the same exacting standard and meeting either SAAMI or U.S. Military Specification standards.

Each .45 ACP 185gr. JHP round features a 185 grain Jacketed Hollow Point round for superior penetration, non-corrosive boxer primer that is safe for use in most firearms, and high-quality first run brass casing.

The Jacketed Hollow Point ensures controlled expansion on impact along with a muzzle velocity of 900 feet per second and muzzle energy of 333-foot pounds.

Purchasing in bulk allows you to be prepared for any threat you might face. Each case can also be reloaded for additional savings.

Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
Bullet Type FMJ
Bullet Weight 185 Grain
Casing Brass
Condition New
Manufacturer PMC
Manufacturer SKU 45B
Primer Boxer
Quantity 1000