45 ACP – 135 gr HoneyBadger Solid Copper – Black Hills (D45N820) – 500 Rounds


Looking for a self-defense round that comes with a proven track record of dependability? If so, be sure to save space in the safe for these 500 rounds of Black Hills Ammunition’s D45N820 45 ACP 135 gr HoneyBadger Solid Copper ammo.

This 45 ACP is loaded with the HoneyBadger bullet, which was developed in collaboration with Lehigh Defense. The HoneyBadger is a solid copper projectile with wide machined flutes and a short frontal area that is non-deforming and non-fragmenting. This bullet doesn’t have a hollow point and instead has sharp edges that pierce through a barrier material.

The HoneyBadger is made of solid copper, making it lighter than a traditional lead core bullet and accordingly granting it a blistering 1,250 fps muzzle velocity. The tough bullet pierces barriers with ease to shore up deeply within soft tissue. The HoneyBadger stops your assailant in their tracks with its sharp edges cutting through as it bores inward like a drill bit, while its radial flutes simultaneously engage with soft tissues to eject them violently outward.

Black Hills Ammunition is manufactured in the USA. This ammo is brand new, non-corrosive, and comes in reloadable brass cases with a boxer primer.

Ammo Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
Bullet Type HoneyBadger
Bullet Weight 135 Grain
Condition New
Casing Brass
Manufacturer Black Hills Ammo
Manufacturer SKU D45N820
Primer Boxer
Quantity 500