40 SW – 180 gr FMJ – PMC (40E) – 1000 Rounds


Needing some 180 grain FMJ ammo in bulk for your 40 Smith & Wesson pistol? Pick up a 1,000 round case of PMC’s 40E 40SW 180 grain full metal jacket ammo today and hit the range with some extra cash in your pocket!

The .40 SW is one of the most popular self-defense rounds available, offering a near-perfect combination of control and penetration. Being prepared to face a threat means practicing with and shooting your carry ammunition, but frequent practice can quickly become cost-prohibitive. Shooters looking for an affordable practice round that mimics their carry ammunition need look no further than PMC’s .40 SW 180 grain Full Metal Jacket (40E) round.

Unlike other foreign manufacturers, PMC utilizes high-quality brass, non-corrosive primers, and other components produced in-house. Because they do not rely on outside vendors, PMC is better able to control the quality of these components. This in turn permits them to produce a more consistent, more dependable product that users can count on. All of PMC’s ammunition meets either SAAMI or U.S. Military Specification standards.

Each round features a 180 grain Full Metal Jacket bullet, new production high-quality brass case, and non-corrosive boxer primer. The result is excellent ballistic performance, the ability to reload if desired, and less wear and tear on your favorite firearm.

High volume shooters will find this high-quality economical option is especially affordable when purchased in bulk. Whether you are plinking cans or practicing for your next qualification, this is your choice for dependable, accurate results.


Ammo Caliber 40 S&W
Bullet Type FMJ
Bullet Weight 180 Grain
Casing Brass
Condition New
Manufacturer PMC
Manufacturer SKU 40E
Primer Boxer
Quantity 1000