308 Win – 168 gr OTM – PMC X-TAC Match (308XM) – 800 Rounds


PMC’s 308 Winchester 168 grain OTM PMC X-Tac Match (308XM) ammunition is unlike other off the shelf options. By combining the best components using the latest technology PMC has developed ammunition that provides unsurpassed accuracy and dependability. This is the perfect choice for long-range precision shooters who want the best without breaking the bank. Even greater savings are available when you purchase this ammunition in 800 round bulk cases.

This match grade ammunition offers a level of quality and accuracy precision shooters appreciate and depend on. Each round is loaded with a 168-grain open tip match-grade Sierra bullet, first-run brass casing, and non-corrosive boxer primer. The design is specifically chosen due to its resistance to crosswinds to provide a flat trajectory under the most trying conditions. The resulting muzzle velocity (2700 feet per second) and muzzle energy (2719-foot pounds) provide some of the most consistent accuracy available in an off the shelf ammunition.

PMC was established in 1968 to supply the South Korean military and had extensive experience producing ammunition that meets NATO’s precise requirements for use on a global scale.  They now offer a wide range of commercial civilian lines, each built to the same exacting standards. At the pinnacle of their offerings is the X-Tac Match line. Now the recreational or match shooter can enjoy custom load accuracy with off the shelf affordability.

Need some ballistics info for this PMC 308XM? Here ya go!

PMC 308XM Velocity

Muzzle 2700 FPS
100 Yards 2503 FPS
200 Yards 2314 FPS
300 Yards 2133 FPS
400 Yards 1960 FPS
500 Yards 1797 FPS

PMC 308XM Bullet Path

Muzzle -1.5 inches
100 Yards +2 inches
200 Yards 0 inches
300 Yards -8.5 inches
400 Yards -24.7 inches
500 Yards -50 inches

PMC 308XM Energy

Muzzle 2719 Foot-Pounds

Ballistics are from a 24″ barrel and provided by the manufacturer. Your results may vary.


Ammo Caliber 308 Winchester
Bullet Type OTM
Bullet Weight 168 Grain
Casing Brass
Condition New
Manufacturer PMC
Manufacturer SKU 308XM
Primer Boxer
Quantity 800