223 Rem – 64 gr EP – Winchester Deer Season XP (X223DS) – 200 Rounds


Are you in search of 223 Rem ammo specifically designed for deer hunters? Winchester made a product just for you.  The 223 Rem 64 grain EP Deer Season XP X223DS rounds.

Winchester designed this 223 Rem 64 grain EP (Extreme Point) Deer Season XP X223DS ammo round for deer hunters.  Starting with the large-diameter polymer tip engineered to expand rapidly upon impact. Fast knockdown power for any deer. The bullet profile ensures a flat trajectory accuracy across distances.  Finally, the tapered body is designed for lethal penetration meaning that once the bullet hits the target it will get the job done efficiently.

Winchester has made ammunition for hunters since 1922, nearly a century of experience. They manufactured bullets here in the United States for law enforcement, hunters, and the United States Military throughout their storied history.  There is a reason they call themselves ‘The American Legend”.

This line of ammunition is perfect for the deer hunter who is looking for a product designed with their needs in mind.

Ammo Caliber 223 Rem
Bullet Type EP (Polymer Tipped)
Bullet Weight 64 Grain
Casing Brass
Condition New
Manufacturer Winchester
Manufacturer SKU X223DS
Primer Boxer
Quantity 200