20 Rounds of 55gr BlitzKing .223 Ammo by Sierra



The varmints never meant to cause people problems. They may even think our gardens and livestock were put there just for them to enjoy. Until we figure out a way to explain their bad behavior to them, the best way we have to deal with these meddlesome beasts is Sierra’s Prairie Enemy line of ammunition!

You want your 223 Rem cartridge to give you two great advantages while you’re hunting small and tenacious beasts: great accuracy, and devastating terminal performance. This round’s 55 grain BlitzKing offers both in full. Its uniformly distributed jacket and core promote stellar in-flight stability, and its profile, boat tail, and polymer tip all streamline its overall form so it can retain greater velocity for a flatter trajectory. And when the BlitzKing’s green polymer tip sinks into a varmint or predator, it effectively lights the fuse on total disruption of the entire bullet. No small game can resist such massive cavitation!

Sierra loaded their preeminent varmint bullet with clean burning propellant, a non-corrosive Boxer primer, and a new production brass case.