20 Round Bag of Mixed .223/5.56 NATO SS109 Green Tip Brass Case Ammunition – Special Offer AS IS Not Returnable



20-Round Mixed Bag of 5.56 NATO Green Tip Brass Cased Ammunition

Special Offer on 20 Rounds of Brass Cased .223/5.56 NATO SS109 Green Tip Ammunition

The bags contain 20 rounds of mixed brands and head stamps of .223 Remington/5.56 NATO SS109 Green Tip ammunition. This ammunition is accumulated from broken cartons or cases and is being sold as is at a bargain price. We only have a few bags to sell, quantities are very limited.


Muzzle 3060 fps
At 100 yards is 2786 fps
At 200 yards is 2529 fps
At 300 yards is 2285 fps
At 400 yards is 2055 fps
At 500 yards is 1809 fps


At 100 Yards is 1.5
At 200 Yards is 0
At 300 Yards is -7
At 400 Yards is -20.6
At 500 Yards is -42.5


Muzzle 1289 ft/lbs.
At 100 Yards is 1069 ft/lbs.
At 200 Yards is 880 ft/lbs.
At 300 Yards is 719 ft/lbs.
At 400 Yards is 581 ft/lbs.
At 500 Yards is 466 ft/lbs.

Use Caution!

Closely inspect this ammunition before loading or firing.

A very small number of the casings may be damaged.

Some other calibers may be mixed in this package.

Be on the lookout for other calibers in the mix of ammo.

Not Returnable

This ammunition is not Returnable for any reason, heck at this price why would you even think about returning it.