12 Gauge – 00 Buck – Magnum 12P – 2.75″ – Federal (F130 00) – 250 Rounds


Looking for a little more “take-down” power from your 12 gauge buckshot load? Then pick up a 250 round case of this Federal Power-SHOK F130 00 12 pellet Magnum 00 buck bulk ammo from BulkMunitions today!

Federal uses their beloved Triple Plus wad system with this load, so you get better shot alignment plus your pellets will stay in a more uniform shape. That means more buckshot on target and much fewer flyers in its 1 7/16oz load.

At 1290 FPS muzzle velocity, the “Magnum” naming of the F13000 round does mean it’s a “hotter” load with more recoil. You do get increased terminal performance and range though, so it’s a tradeoff! Plus. it is still in a 2 3/4″ plastic shell!

Ammo Caliber 12 Gauge
Bullet Type 00 Buck
Bullet Weight 12 Pellets
Casing 2-3/4″ Shell Length
Condition New
Manufacturer Federal
Manufacturer SKU F130 00
Primer Boxer
Quantity 250